Transforming Loss A Discovery Journal

Transforming Loss

A Discovery Journal

By Sally A. Smolen, MSN, Ph.D.
& Susan K. Zimmerman, MS

“What Can Help Me?”

In the midst of a major change or loss, we often feel lost and may look for help from others, but the best answers may be deep within us. Searching for these answers and this wisdom can be a challenge or even seem impossible.

This book provides the reader a format for seeking these answers by writing his/her way through loss and grief. Written as a journal with thought-prompting questions, the reader can move toward healing and greater wholeness – TRANSFORMATION.

Using John M. Schneider’s process of grief, this book includes:

  • how change can bring losses and gains
  • how grief can look like depression
  • the importance of validation
  • feminine and masculine modes of healing

This is a companion book to “Transforming Loss: A Discovery Process” (INTEGRA Press, 2006).

Transforming Loss

A Discovery Process

By John M. Schneider, Ph.D.
with Susan K. Zimmerman

“I sometimes think I must be going CRAZY!”

These words and others like them are often whispered in confidence by those who are dealing with a major change in their lives – even a positive one.

This book shows how:

  • Change contains elements of loss
  • Loss leads to grief
  • Grief is a process — a healing one
  • The outcome of this process can be positive
  • The process can even be TRANSFORMING

Often people fear they must rely on a complex model of this process with a deep analysis of where they are. Instead the process can be seen as one of exploring three simple questions which lead to healing and renewal. Actually, grief can be a journey of DISCOVERY!

Here you will find a clear explanation and understanding of the path from loss to healing. This book provides an insightful and clear map of grief. And the outcome can be new strength, new energy and new wisdom.

Based on the vast experiences of years of study, teaching and research, the authors share their knowledge from the depths of their own personal lives as well as their work with others.